Ear Tensifier

The only Discord music bot you will ever need. Free volume control, free music filters, free playlist creation, free everything.







Volume control and music filters are available for free right out of the box. These filters include: rate, speed, tempo, bassboost, vaporwave, nightcore, and earrape.


Multiple Sources

Supports multiple music sources, including YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify. We plan on adding more music sources in the future.



Can store up to 500 playlists per user with up to 5,000 songs in each playlist for free! Playlists can be easily loaded into the queue with one simple command


Configurable Options

Is configurable to your liking. Default volume, now playing messages, and ignored channels are just a few of the many options you can configure.


Find information about all of Ear Tensifier's commands. If you need any help using one of the commands you can join the support server and ask for help.

Commands that have an argument surrounded with < and > are required arguments, meaning that you need to provide them in order for the command to run. Commands that have an argument surrounded with [ and ] are optional arguments, meaning that you can provide them but don't need to in order for the command to run. Note: when providing arguments don't actually include < and > or [ and ].


Commands Used

Songs Played

Ear Tensifiers

Need more ears? Not to worry! Ear Tensifier 2, 3, and 4 are available for free and work exactly like the original. Click on one of them below to add it to your server.